Sunday School 2/18

In 1880, a pastor named Claas Epp led 600 Russian Mennonites on a 1700-mile trek across Central Asia to set up a new community and await Christ’s return, prophesied to occur in 1889. On the appointed date, the entire group gathered on a hill to welcome the Lord – but when nothing happened, Claas realized … More Sunday School 2/18

Sunday School 2/11

Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s 2011 wedding was probably the most famous wedding of the 21st century. An estimated $36 million was spent by the royal family on the wedding, and news reporters shared every detail of the preparations with a fascinated worldwide audience. Between 100 million and 200 million people watched the actual wedding … More Sunday School 2/11

Sunday School 2/04

Our lesson this week from Matthew 21:1-16 covers Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. But Jesus wasn’t the first ruler to carry out a triumphal procession: at this same period in history, Roman triumphs honoring victorious generals were well-known as magnificent and glamorous affairs. A Roman general’s triumphal procession included politicians, soldiers, musicians, captives, and spoils … More Sunday School 2/04

Sunday School 1/28

You may remember the Adventures in Odyssey episode where Marvin and Tamika Washington hear a verse from this week’s Sunday school text read to them, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God” (Matt. 19:24, ESV). Through … More Sunday School 1/28

Sunday School 1/21

It had been a rough day at the Smith household. Marlene had discovered Nate’s hidden stash of candy and devoured his biggest Snickers bar. In response, Nate pushed her out of his room, slammed the door behind her, and refused to talk to her for the rest of the day. Mrs. Smith decided to intervene … More Sunday School 1/21

Sunday School 1/14

Is faith quantifiable? Let’s say you embark on a scientific, data-driven study of faith in the lives of Christians. What conclusions would you reach? Would you be able to define it, measure it, and compare amounts of it between subjects? “Let’s see, the charts show that Susan has more faith than Heather, but she’s not … More Sunday School 1/14

Practicing Peace

I see them nearly every week as I bike home: sometimes there are five, sometimes only one. They’re on the sidewalk by the county courthouse, holding large white peace symbols and raising signs before the oncoming traffic. They stand for peace. Mennonites stand for peace as well, but maybe in a slightly different way! Living … More Practicing Peace

Living In Disciplined Christian Community

The second principle of Anabaptist teaching, “The church is a disciplined community of believers,” is closely tied to the first. As we discussed in the last post, modern-day Anabaptists attempt to consistently live as followers of Christ, allowing every aspect of their lives to be changed and directed by their faith. But they don’t do … More Living In Disciplined Christian Community

Christianity is All About Discipleship

Irreproachable Lives In 1582, Franz Agricola, an opponent of the Anabaptist movement, penned these words: “There is none which in appearance leads a more modest or pious life than the Anabaptist. As concerns their outward public life they are irreproachable. No lying, deception, swearing, strife, harsh language, no intemperate eating and drinking, no outward personal … More Christianity is All About Discipleship