Visit Us

We welcome visitors at all of our services. In fact, we hold frequent community events to make it easier for visitors to connect with church members and ask questions about the Christian faith. Whether you are already a Christian looking for fellowship or simply are curious about our beliefs, we invite you to join us.

Our worship services and Bible studies usually begin with a time of singing as a group. We sing hymns and praise songs, usually without musical accompaniment, and we invite you to join in as you learn the words! Often we include a time of prayer, during which anyone is invited to share a prayer request with the group. If you attend a mid-week meeting, we will spend most of our time on a study from the Bible, a book, or a video series on the basic teachings of Jesus and the Christian faith. Everyone is welcome to share comments or raise questions during the study. On Sunday mornings, our pastor shares a message from the Bible with the congregation. Children worship with us rather than attending a separate service.

We will welcome you regardless of how you are dressed. Dress at our mid-week meetings and community events is casual, with most men wearing jeans and most women wearing a skirt or a dress. Women in our church choose to cover their hair in some way, but there is no such expectation for visitors.

When you do attend one of our meetings, please feel free to ask questions if you do not understand a certain practice or are ever uncertain of what to do. We look forward to meeting you in person!